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Tony Hawks Center (formerly Hippocrates) is a non-governmental, non-profit organization that operates according to the Constitution. The center was registered on 16Th December 2000 (Nr. 1600) at The Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Moldova. The Centre enjoys support of famous British writer Tony Hawk and British philanthropic organization called the ChildAid.

Our Mission:

Tony Hawks Center’s mission is to improve the quality of life of chronically ill children belonging to socially vulnerable families. The Center accomplishes this mission by increasing access to rehabilitation services and the education of parents.

The main objectives:

  1. Rehabilitation of children with chronic condition through non-invasive methods of recovery, such as inexpensive therapy, hydro-therapy, orthotics, massage, occupational therapy, music therapy, speech therapy, sensory integration, etc.
  2. Educating parents to continue supporting and encouraging their special needs children.


Children from 0 to 18 years suffering from chronic neuromuscular, orthopedic, cardiovascular and respiratory diseases that have an established diagnosis at medical facilities, but have no possibility of being integrated in recovery programs owing to lack of means.

Key principles:

  1. Accessibility and territorial proximity of the recovery services according to the needs of children;
  2. Informing and educating parents and carers of the children;
  3. Promoting respect for persons with disabilities;
  4. Recognizing that disability is not a disease, and that the medical model of disability is not appropriate in most cases;
  5. People with disabilities have the right to decide about their health.

Our projects:

  • “Tony Hawks for Children in Moldova”, 2001-2012;
  • ” Helped by physiotherapist at home”, 2004- 2012;
  • “Popularization of physiotherapy treatment methods for children with physical disabilities”, 2003-2004;
  • “Physical Therapy facilities in schools and kindergartens”, 2006-2012
  • “I help my child”, June-December 2006;
  • “Give happiness”, Fund Raiser Campaign, October-December 2011;
  • “Building the new headquarters of Tony Hawks Center”, 2012-2014.


  • Liviu Gusac
  • Ana Raileanu
  • Stela Oprea
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