October 5 is the day of solidarity with people with Cerebral Palsy 2016

5 October 2016

Annually for every 1000 births, 2-3 will be diagnosed with this condition. Recently, the world has more working tools designed to help professionals to care for people with special needs. One of them – GMFCSR and E is a modern global classification of motor functions of people with cerebal palsy.

Tony Hawks Center team has been using such tools for more than 10 years already and has designed effective planning recovery programs. We believe that its use by all stakeholders involved in the functional rehabilitation in Moldova would advance scientific research in this area as well as planning and supply of special equipment.

This together with improved accessibility would greatly enhance the participation of people with cerebral palsy in community life. Global Motor Function Classification System Revised and Expanded (GMFCSR and E) has been created by a team of researchers from Canada (Robert Palisano, Peter Rosenbaum, Stephen Walter, Dianne Russell, Ellen Wood, Barbara Galuppi, CanChild).

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