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“If you desire something extraordinary for your business, as well as for children with Cerebral Palsy, inspire your employees and customers to engage in a partnership for children. Attract customers by associating your brand with a noble cause.

By aligning your brand with the Tony Hawks Center, you can boost sales, increase customer loyalty and trust.

Infuse a strong message of Corporate Social Responsibility into your customer’s mindset. We will work together to ensure that CSR projects are implemented with innovation and mutual benefit for both parties.”

Inspire your employees to donate.


to Tony Hawks Centru.

The sense of team support for a noble and transparent cause at both local and international levels motivates and unites people (tax ID: 1010620002792).

Donatii in natura

In-kind donations.

Many organizations support us in ways other than financial, by donating products, services, or time. This is a convenient way to help.

You can offer professional mentoring, training, or similar skills. This way, you help promote your company’s Corporate Social Responsibility and demonstrate solidarity with our noble cause.

In-kind donations can help us save resources and use them effectively for our vital services.