Fundraise with us.

Be Active
Donate Your Day
Join an event
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Get involved in fundraising.

The Tony Hawks Center team strongly believes that every child with Cerebral Palsy or other developmental disorders should live a comfortable, pain-free, and as inclusive life as possible. That’s why we invite you to help us with fundraising.

Be active!

Have you ever thought that a healthy lifestyle harmoniously combines with saving lives?

Run (or walk) for the Tony Hawks Center. Invite friends and family to support you. Together, we can create an event on Facebook. This way, we can contribute to fundraising. The center can provide logo t-shirts and refreshments on the day of the event.



One of the most important events in your life could change someone else’s life. If you have a special occasion (your wedding, your birthday, etc.) and you feel that you don’t need gifts, you could ask your friends to make a donation to change someone’s life. This gesture will add more sparkle and longevity to your event.

Together, we can create a fundraising page (online donations).

At a celebration with friends, collecting cash would be suitable.

Doneaza ziua ta-min

Thank you, Kate and Klaus, for the online fundraising organized on the occasion of your anniversary.

Join us at Tony Hawks Center events!

With the support of the writer Tony Hawks, we organize fun events and charity concerts every year. If you have a talent, join the Tony Hawks Center team. Help a child become independent.

Thank you to local and international artists who have supported our noble cause.

Participate in the Raffle!

By participating in our raffle, you help children with developmental disorders access innovative services and programs. By making this gesture, you contribute to the development of the community.

The raffle is organized on the occasion of charity events.