Even the best parents sometimes need help

Since the year 2000, the Tony Hawks Center has been helping children in Moldova face the future with more confidence

Why choose Tony Hawk's Center?

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Because for 20 years, we have been providing support, services, and equipment for children with special needs

Tony Hawk’s Center offers a wide range of services. Therefore, in one place, you can find multiple specialists and the necessary equipment.

Our specialists consult with each other and constantly exchange opinions and experience. This practice is called a coordinated approach, which allows for the best results.

You can learn about the wonderful daily results of the children who attend Tony Hawk’s Center from the comments below by parents.

Because we are closer.

The purpose of the Center is to assist families raising children with special needs. A crucial aspect was to locate the Center as close as possible to the place of residence.

  • Main office, 10 Drumul Taberei Street, dedicated to children in the Buiucani sector of the capital;
  • Physical therapy office within the Institution of Kindergarten at the Complex Pilot of Curative Pedagogy, 37 Macilor Street, Chisinau city, Râșcani district, tel/fax: 373 22 440223;
  • Physical therapy office within the Institution of Kindergarten at the Complex Pilot of Curative Pedagogy, 37 Macilor Street, Chisinau city, Râșcani district, tel/fax: 373 22 440223;
  • Physical therapy office within the Institution of Kindergarten at the Complex Pilot of Curative Pedagogy, 37 Macilor Street, Chisinau city, Râșcani district, tel/fax: 373 22 440223;
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Because we have experienced specialists.

We have specialists in pediatric rehabilitation, physical therapy, hydrokinetic therapy, occupational therapy and music therapy, psychopedagogy and sensory integration, speech therapy, psychology, and social assistance.

Because we are number 1.

“Tony Hawk’s Center is the first medical and social organization in the Republic of Moldova accredited by the Ministry of Health (2006). It is the first NGO in Moldova whose services are purchased by the National Health Insurance Company (2007).

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Because we support children.

We support children with disabilities from the early months of life until the transition to adulthood (0-18 years).

Parents’ opinions about Tony Hawk’s Center services.


“This Center has been my support and hope that tomorrow will be better. I cannot find enough words and praise for everything they have done and continue to do for my child.” Leonte Family 


“”The atmosphere you create exudes love and a desire to change things, people, and our attitude towards individuals with special needs.”   Paduraru Family 


“The specialists at Tony Hawk’s Center work with great dedication and diligence, demonstrating positive results. I am grateful for the beneficial support, where I can return and receive the necessary assistance for my child whenever I need it.”   Botan Family  


“We want to thank the specialists at Tony Hawk’s for the tremendous effort put into the successful development of our child, the immense love for what you do, and the wonderful successes we are reaping in our daughter’s development.”  Schiopu Family


“We have discovered warm and patient people here, true professionals who deserve praise and nothing but words of admiration.”  Popa Family 


“”The staff at Tony Hawk’s Center have big hearts and kind souls; they work tirelessly every day to provide our children with the best services.” Plesca-Bulat Family


“A very well-organized center, with attentive staff, full of solidarity, devoted to children with special needs, who are in great need of help.” Pătrăcuța Family 


“The Tony Hawk’s team is made up of people with big hearts, abundant patience, immense wisdom, who give people faith, hope, and confidence in tomorrow.” Gălusca Family 


“I am extremely impressed with Tony Hawk’s Center; you are doing an extraordinary job for children with special needs. Our child comes with great enthusiasm every time and is always in a good mood.” Rudei Family

With what would you like to start?

If your child has been diagnosed with a chronic illness or has experienced a cranio-cerebral trauma, and you are concerned about their health or development, CONTACT US!

The first steps you should take are:


Get informed!

The more you know, the easier it will be for you to plan and make decisions.

Gather information about:

  • The type of disability.
  • Existing services for children.
  • Programs and groups for specific age ranges.
  • Specific information such as communication, daily routine, etc.


Get Ready!

For the first visit, you should prepare by:

  • Gathering as much information as possible about your child’s diagnosis.
  • Taking notes in a notebook of all the details provided by other specialists you consult before coming to us.
  • Scheduling an appointment with your family doctor to obtain Form 027E referring to Tony Hawk’s Center.



Analyze your financial opportunities.

Every person is unique, and we can help you identify services that would meet your child’s specific developmental needs. Some services may come with a cost.

Funding options can include CNAM insurance for some services, private funding from Tony Hawk’s Center, private insurance funds, community fundraising, and self-funding.


Start as early as possible.

  • It’s important to start treatment as early as possible, providing your child with the best chance to achieve optimal results. Babies can begin therapy as early as 3 months, but in some cases, intervention may be necessary from birth.
  • If you’ve chosen Tony Hawk’s Center, we will help you select the necessary therapies (if needed) based on your child’s needs.
  • If you decide to work with other service providers for children, plan in advance which additional services you wish to access and discuss with each specialist individually to coordinate them with the services offered by Tony Hawk’s Center.

  • Make sure that the other service providers also use evidence-based practices.



Therapy results are achieved over time. You will notice the first improvements, whether big or small, after a period that varies from case to case. We rely on our 20 years of experience and celebrate every skill gained together with the children.