Occupational therapy and music therapy

Sensory integration therapy

Speech therapy



Social assistance

Hydrokinesiotherapy and swimming lessons

The rehabilitation program for each child has different objectives, and our team of specialists is tasked with individually adapting the program to achieve their full potential. Therapies are provided by specialists in the following fields:



Our team of kinesiotherapy specialists provides movement-based therapies and encourages mobility in babies, children, and adolescents with physical and intellectual disabilities. We work individually with the child and the family, monitoring and treating movement disorders, muscle issues, and pain, using mobility equipment, positioning, and therapeutic bracing


The occupational therapist at Tony Hawks Centre, trained through various modules of training, provides support for self-care, play, and participation in preschool and school activities for children with sensory or movement difficulties.

Through therapy and strategies, we help children to participate to their fullest potential, using enjoyable and adapted methods tailored to their special needs, and utilizing supporting equipment and technologies (more about play in the library).

The occupational therapist, in collaboration with the music therapist, practices music therapy. Music therapy facilitates communication, expresses deep feelings, calms and soothes restlessness.

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Sensory Integration Therapy

Sensory Integration Therapy conducted at Tony Hawks Centre takes place in a specially equipped room (known as the Snoezelen method), which includes equipment designed to stimulate and integrate all human senses. This environment provides relaxation and reduces physical and emotional pain, anxiety.

The method enhances the potential of children with developmental disorders and offers them the opportunity to focus on their own willpower.


The psychologist at Tony Hawks Centre provides counseling for children and adults experiencing emotional distress and temporary discomfort. Psychological services help with mental, emotional, social, and behavioral development.

Additionally, the psychologist confidentially identifies key stress factors and suggests coping strategies and support groups to provide emotional and spiritual support.

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The specialists at Tony Hawks Centre provide services for the assessment and educational integration of children with special needs. They also support these children in preparing for kindergarten and school. This assistance includes evaluating the child’s abilities and challenges, developing individualized educational plans, and helping them transition into formal educational settings like kindergarten and school. The goal is to ensure that children with special needs receive the support they need to participate in educational activities and reach their full potential.


The speech therapist provides services to children with communication issues such as pronunciation, speech comprehension, and non-verbal communication support. Additionally, the specialist helps children with feeding issues, including sucking, swallowing, and chewing.

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Social Assistance

The social workers at Tony Hawks Center are the first specialists who come into contact with families. They provide parental support services to facilitate the best results and relationships needed to overcome challenging moments in crisis situations.

Issues are discussed confidentially by qualified specialists. They offer support and recommendations to individuals with special needs, help connect them with the best experts, and provide advice regarding government benefits and other community resources.


Tony Hawks Center’s pool is the first pool in the country built for hydrokinetotherapy purposes, providing warm water therapy at 33-34 degrees Celsius. Supported individually by the center’s hydrotherapists, children with special needs have the opportunity to acquire new motor skills, reduce muscular asymmetries, develop proper posture, and increase their endurance.

This is also where the first swimming lessons can be given.

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