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In 1998, discussing with talented British writer Tony Hawks who visited Moldova in order to collect material for his forthcoming book “Playing tennis with Moldovans”, we complaining obout bitter fate of our poor and cold country which was stuck at crossroads. Some action made by civil society then seemed something unattainable. After a while, number of non-governmental organizations sprung up in various fields.

Currently, NGO’s actively intervene in solving community problems, provide services related to various fields, care for the fate of the most vulnerable segments of society, support the oppressed and marginalized, those excluded from conventional care facilities, where governmental authorities fail to provide an adequate minimum to cope with their hardships. Therefore, it seemed appropriate to envision a small center with medico-social orientation.

Since then, spiritual Tony Hawks and philanthropic organization ChildAid from UK have extended a helping hand.

For 15 years, Tony Hawks Center has provided specialized medical services for the recovery of children with chronic diseases from Chisinau and other regions of the country. Annually, over 400 children have the chance to improve their health at the Center, participating in recovery programs that involve the use of physical, non-invasive methods.

From the very first year, Tony Hawks Center has managed to obtain the confidence of all those who contacted it and received specialized medical care. It is one of the very few NGO’s in Moldova with medical and social profile, which provides rehabilitation services to children with disabilities from socially vulnerable families.

1988 – Tony Hawks’s first visit to Moldova.

1999 – Second meeting with Tony Hawks – Brasov, Romania.

2000 – Registration of non-governmental organization The Hippocrates Center.

2001 – Establishment of medical rehabilitation center for chronically ill children from socially vulnerable families.

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